“We’re only getting older baby
And I’ve been thinking about it lately
Does it ever drive you crazy
Just how fast the night changes?”

Reborn from the Ashes

I am a 21 y.o. woman aiming to achieve everything that’s possible & everything I am interested in.

I am going to start a web series. I wanted to write a novel and get it published but then, an idea popped into my mind, why not write online and share it with everyone 😀

The truth is I don’t get much time to focus on my novel with the job and other things I don’t get time to write but writing one chapter is easy. I have few chapters ready .. right now I am just looking for an appropriate title.. oh btw, it is a young adult fiction.

The first chapter will be out on 1 February 2017 on my blog and yeah about the name change.. I really liked the character of mystique from X-men .. so I thought why not start a blog with that name. and a twitter account too. but lately I realized .. SHade is even better.. which is my name.. #SHade #SHadesfever

so people.. forget mystique because it’s SHade’s time to shine.. haha 😛

My dear lovely people there’s another surprise for all of you again on 1 February 2017 on my youtube channel. 😉 All of you will be able to hear me sing 😀 😛

Your support will be highly appreciated.
Take Care XOXO

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since some people had told me that I was ugly, I always preferred shade to the sun, darkness to light

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