I am so fucking done with lying bitches!

I am an introvert and I am fucking proud of it. Then why the fuck do people try to make me feel inferior about it. 

Tell me ladies, have you ever felt like being an introvert is a sin? Because that’s what I have been told. Is it wrong that I have quiet personality. The people who are close to me sometimes make me feel like shit. 

Here are my thoughts to everyone out there.

I don’t care what you think. I am an introvert and I really don’t care if you talk to me or not. First of all, introverts feel awkward to start conversations, if you cannot understand this then stay the hell away from us. Seriously, just because a person prefers to speak less even if they are not an introvert does not mean they have attitude problem. Maybe we do because we prefer not to deal with judgemental assholes. We prefer a peaceful no-bullshit life. We observe people whether they are worthy of our efforts or not. That does not makes us judgemental. Choosy, yes, because there are so many dual faced people out there. People who pretend to be good on the outside but are actually very inconsiderate from the inside. We are the honest ones. If we like you we will show it to you. If we are not comfortable with you will see that in our actions. Because we prefer truth over everything and yet we are the assholes in eyes of others.

I don’t mind to sit alone. I don’t mind to eat alone. I don’t mind to walk alone. After all, ALPHA FEMALES DON’T RUN IN PACKS. Yes I am alone most of the time and that doesn’t make me feel bad. At times, people call me a bitch because of my behaviour and trust me I feel good about that. Yes, I am proud to a bitch. Because I’d rather be known for being a bitch while being real, than known for being the sweetest girl while being fake.

I’d like to advice all the  women out there to keep your head high because what others think of you doesn’t matter in the end. What matters is what you think about yourself. Give your time to the people you connect with. Be yourself. You don’t have to act sweet with people who are mean to you. Just show them your middle finger and move ahead. Take no bullshit from people who are not your family. And let me tell you there are people who have shitty family members but sometimes you find your family in strangers too. Family doesn’t only mean blood relation. 

So, find your inner she-wolf and release her.

Live your life the way you want to.

Take Care & Stay Connected




since some people had told me that I was ugly, I always preferred shade to the sun, darkness to light

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